Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stopping in at JP Open Studios last weekend

Having been an exhibitor there many times over the years, it was really fun to head out to Jamaica Plain and check out Open Studios...without having to do any set-up or break down! The weather was pretty much all you could ask for in Boston this time of year so it was a great day to walk around.

If you follow me on Twitter (@PotteryByAdero) you got the chance to see pix of some booths I came across. Of course, there's no way to see everything at an event this size in one day, but everywhere I went there was always something pulling me in -- how did they make that? what is it made from? Lots of different inspiration.

Of course I can't go to an event and not check out the work of my fellow potters (my Aunt, for one). There were all kinds of fun and functional pieces. I ended up picking out a couple things to take home with me.

First, there was this lovely pouring vessel from Jeremy Ogusky. It's on our dinner table every night now!

You can see more of Jeremy's work at his Pinterest Portfolio, or at his website.
Jeremy had some really cool forms for foodies who like to do their own fermenting, like for sauerkraut or kimchi. I love those foods but I am too busy teaching and making pots -- I guess I will still have to settle for store-bought.

Of course, I am always drawn to pottery that involves a lot of surface design. So it was nice to get to meet Nicole Aquillano. I have noticed her work before in galleries out here in Western Mass and seeing it in person did not disappoint. Not that I am a photographer but I couldn't resist setting this shot up on the stairs in our house -- it seemed to fit the design she is working with.

You can see a bunch of her other designs at her website.

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  1. Thanks for profiling me Adero! It was good to see you at open studios and use the pot in good health!