Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Cups for the holiday season on Etsy!!!

If you can't make it to Craft Boston this winter follow me at my Etsy Shop,  Pottery by Adero Willard . All work is available for purchase, and I will be updating Etsy with new work throughout November and December. 

ceramic mug, hand decorated, one of a kind, pottery, tea or coffee, all handmade

ceramic mug, hand decorated, one of a kind, pottery, tea or coffee, all handmade

ceramic teacup with one of a kind decoration, handmade in Massachusetts. Completely unique -- a lovely gift!

ceramic teacup with one of a kind decoration, handmade in Massachusetts. Completely unique -- a lovely gift!

ceramic yunomi no handle teacup, handmade and unique with all hand-drawn decoration. Fits perfectly in your hand to enjoy tea or coffee 

ceramic mug, all hand drawn designs, original handmade fine crafts. If you love blue this is for you!

handmade ceramic mug, coffee or tea, one of a kind pottery

handmade ceramic mug, coffee or tea, one of a kind pottery by ceramic artist Adero Willard

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Arts (ceramic and otherwise) in season here in Western Mass

We have had a very sunny and mostly mild fall and the leaves and the light are so beautiful!

I am not such a big fan of the cooler temps but the natural beauty of New England autumn is always something to look forward to.

As far as this being a season for the arts, most people probably think of the Paradise City show that happens here in Northampton over the holiday weekend. I am not exhibiting this year, but am definitely planning to stop in.

So if you are coming out this weekend for that show, let me give you one more arts event that you should include in your trip (or make a trip for some other day): Art in the Orchard in Easthampton.

It's a beautiful setting and you walk through it at your own pace; there are around 20 pieces so you can see it all in about an hour or so. Some are by local artists and other artists are from across the country.

If you can get there on a non-weekend day you probably can have a lot of it to yourself. And you can also visit their pick-your-own orchards while you are there.

Art in the Orchard is open through October. If you are coming out to Western Mass for the Paradise City show, or if you are just looking for a reason to make a trip out here (or just for an outing if you are local) this is a fun way to feed the senses.

One last note -- this coming Friday is Arts Night Out in Northampton, and there is an opening reception for a show called Be Here Now at the Forbes Library. So if you were feeling really ambitious you could do an arts trifecta!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stopping in at JP Open Studios last weekend

Having been an exhibitor there many times over the years, it was really fun to head out to Jamaica Plain and check out Open Studios...without having to do any set-up or break down! The weather was pretty much all you could ask for in Boston this time of year so it was a great day to walk around.

If you follow me on Twitter (@PotteryByAdero) you got the chance to see pix of some booths I came across. Of course, there's no way to see everything at an event this size in one day, but everywhere I went there was always something pulling me in -- how did they make that? what is it made from? Lots of different inspiration.

Of course I can't go to an event and not check out the work of my fellow potters (my Aunt, for one). There were all kinds of fun and functional pieces. I ended up picking out a couple things to take home with me.

First, there was this lovely pouring vessel from Jeremy Ogusky. It's on our dinner table every night now!

You can see more of Jeremy's work at his Pinterest Portfolio, or at his website.
Jeremy had some really cool forms for foodies who like to do their own fermenting, like for sauerkraut or kimchi. I love those foods but I am too busy teaching and making pots -- I guess I will still have to settle for store-bought.

Of course, I am always drawn to pottery that involves a lot of surface design. So it was nice to get to meet Nicole Aquillano. I have noticed her work before in galleries out here in Western Mass and seeing it in person did not disappoint. Not that I am a photographer but I couldn't resist setting this shot up on the stairs in our house -- it seemed to fit the design she is working with.

You can see a bunch of her other designs at her website.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Castle hill workshop

I just finished teaching a workshop at Castle Hill center for the Arts this week. It was called "Layered Surfaces and Intuitive Form".  Who knew a week would go so quickly, we got through a lot of the surface techniques that I wanted to cover, but besides demonstrations students barely had time to get in to form. 
Pictures below are of  a demonstration that I gave for making my new flower arranging forms and the workshop attendees work. 

If you missed this week with me, come to this hands on workshop  and learn  about my surfaces at Odyssey Center for Craft in Ashville, North Carolina. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Flower arrangement forms

New forms are exciting, but take a long time.
Teaching at Holyoke is over this week, so I'm looking forward to time in the studio and in the garden.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Bring along a friend and visit the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail this spring!

9th Annual Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail
April 27 and 28, 2013
10 am - 5 pm
Check out the potters on the trail
Each potter will host a guest  potter.

The Pottery Trail is a self-guided driving tour of clay studios in western Massachusetts.
This year, there will be 8 guests in addition to the 9 potters that will welcome visitors to their studios.

Work from Worcester Pottery Invitational

Sunday, January 6, 2013

January workshop at Mudflat

 At Mudflat Studio  January 26 &27

"Create pots for your decoration, create decoration for your pots." In this workshop Adero Willard will present ways to bring together form and surface in a more personally intuitive way. The workshop will include hand-building and throwing demonstrations, along with an array of decoration techniques. Discussions may include idea generating, aesthetics, and studio practice methods. A short hands-on portion of the workshop will provide time to practice the techniques of making and decorating, including guided surface and form exercises. The goal of these clay explorations is to initiate play and to stimulate curiosity in order to generate new ways to work with form and surface. "My goal is that participants will come away inspired and with a host of fresh ideas and skills to bring to their own work."
Adero WillardAdero WillardAdero Willard
Adero Willard Artist Statement:
One unifying thread in my work is the manipulation of surfaces. This is often inspired by designs on textiles—from quilts from American cultures to hand-sewn Indian wedding dresses. I play with surfaces in ways similar to the textile artist: overlap, camouflage, veiling, revealing, and decorating.
Adero WillardIn my newest pieces, I started to become interested in a traditional sgraffitto technique, where imagery is carved into the top layer of the paint to reveal areas of the surface underneath. Using this technique I can work on the surface of a pot like a drawing.
I am still essentially intrigued with the surfaces I’ve been creating over the past few years that combine layering pattern, and color, with a wax resist technique to create surfaces, where some parts are hidden, some are revealed, and some are seen under the veil of a layer. These are surfaces I’ve developed technically, but are also a part of a narrative, and an expression of my personal story.
Working with clay offers a very personal challenge: it has been my means of exploring my identity as a women of mixed race heritage. While a fairly abstract concept for pots, it is deeply rooted in my work, manifested in my layered surfaces. To see examples of Adero’s work –
Tuition: $300.00, members $150.00
Saturday, January 26 and Sunday, January 27, 10 am - 4 pm both days