Monday, June 25, 2012

New Layers

My newest work combines drawing, painting, and resist layering.
With a few different kettles on the stove, I've neglected my blog for awhile. Here is the update of what's been happening. I'm excited about my new website, which you can visit at  I hope you will check out. I don't have my Etsy site up and running yet, but hope to update that with my new work.
Not so new, but pots with some alterations:
The clay as part of the design

Combining new colors
Influenced by the forms of Betty Woodman, Molly Hatch, Stephanie DeArmondand, I made a few of these hand built forms. I really enjoyed making and decorating the three forms shown below. If I make more, would like to spend more time considering  form and surface in other ways. 

In order to continue to stay excited about clay and the pots I make, I need to make time to consider new ways of working. This can be hard at times as, to be honest, making a living with pots quickly can become like an assembly line. While production can be enjoyable, satisfying, and even create ingenuity, I find joy and feel energized when I make opportunities for creativity and play. 
The cup below came from the desire to create a resting space from decoration on on my pieces. Here is what I came up with. And yes, I know, there actually is no resting space. 

Finger painting, drawing and resist.
Wanted the grid area to look like a patch.

I've added a finger painting process for making the dots that is really satisfying. I would like to experiment with the materials a bit to see if I can make them blur and bleed a bit. I am currently using underglaze for the dots, but any suggestions are welcome.


  1. I love the hand built fluid. I also really like the addition of the dots...but seeing you mention the idea of having them blur and bleed a little really makes me want to see that too! Miss you...

  2. These pots really thrill me! They remind me that I need to challenge myself by using more color. I am really color illiterate! But your pots inspire me not only with the exhilarating patterns, but the color choices you make. Thanks.