Thursday, November 3, 2011


One of the things that I wrestle with, that many of you can relate to, is the amount of time that I spend on the computer. I have to admit that I like figuring out stuff. Like now for example, I am working on this blog. The same post that I was working on last night. I have to admit that I am enjoying this. Although I know that anyone out there with some design knowledge is shaking there head right now, I am enjoying messing around with background colors, fonts, and pictures.

This effort is part of my plan to work on internet marketing. As I write and rewrite this, I know I'll have to be careful, as I may end up with a great blog and no pots. To think positively about this, It's good to mix things up. The seesaw weighing heavier on the studio side then the on the computer side.

I have started posting work on my Etsy page. I plan on posting new pieces every week. I will keep you updated on new postings, and talk more about my ideas behind the patterns and colors as well.

I moved to the Arts and Industry building in Florence, MA this fall. It's a beautiful building. I'll post pictures later. After moving a studio twice this year, I have spent a lot of this fall catching up with work for galleries. I now have a decent display at the Boston Society of Arts and Crafts online store, Pinch Gallery in Northampton, 13 Forrest Gallery, and Decordova's gift shop.

I love my studio. It's a beautiful space, with windows that look over a river. Come visit me and check out my new studio at my next show which is an open studio at the Arts and Industry building, November 12 and 13th. It will be a great time.

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