Friday, November 25, 2011

Considering candlesticks

There are less then two weeks till the Craft Boston Holiday and I ran out of clay. It is the clay goddess that is constantly teaching us potters patience. But clay is what I love and the amazing part of it is it can be found right outside my door. Well almost.
It comes in these neat 50lb boxes from Sheffield Pottery Supply. 
And then strewn into my vehicle.
It does actually start from here. Cool eh?

Of course I couldn't resist the colors.
And I do have a thing for those little orange sponges. 

Actually, it's a long story, but sponges are a slightly annoying part of my process. Those of you who have taken my workshop will know what I'm talking about.
Candelabra found on This Next

As we get closer to the Holidays, I have been trying to come up with something new and fun to make and new fun to buy this December. At the beginning of the month of November many of us lost power due to wet heavy snow on trees that still had their leaves. My roommate was prepared with candles, but we ended up rigging ways to keep the candle sticks upright. So I have been thinking about making candle stick holders. Whether this actually happens now in the frenzy of holiday making or later in the darkness of our January and February winter, here are a few that I have found so far.

Candle sticks by potter Emily Reason that I found on Ceramic Arts Daily 

These Candlesticks from Ross Emerson an artist from the UK.
Scandinavian design from The Deco Spot : a blog about interior design and beautiful things in general. I love that!

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  1. THank you for showing all the lugging. lifting, dragging, carrying and moving that goes on when you are an artist! So nice to see these pic's of you in your environ XO